Define “Strong”

This is so perfect. I couldn’t help but share it!

Strong Like My Coffee

Obviously before I could launch my blog, I needed a title. I had a few ideas, but I came up with “Strong Like My Coffee” on a morning run during the summer at a local park. ‘Strong’ encompasses more than just physical, muscular strength. Everyone has their own internal battles, and some days just choosing to wear that big, bright & beautiful smile is “strong.” Sometimes I use the most strength trying to refrain from smacking some loudmouth classmate across the head! 😉

We are ALL a little stronger than we think we are.

Missy from

I love killing time on Pinterest and can usually always count on the “quotes” section to fill me with inspiration for the day. Over the past year, I’ve pinned a lot of quotes and phrases that have to do with strong.Since others have already worded them so much better than I could, I thought I…

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